What Does Your Spring Bag Say About You?

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ibrahim imaadh

Le Bum-Bag


Fanny pack, belt bag, bum-bag – the semantics alone will trigger a smile. Yet this former favourite of aerobics instructers and food truck vendors is enjoying a come back as it rides on the skirts of a hip-hop revival. They can be fanciful as in Miu Miu’s suede and leather quilted version, show off as in Balenciaga’s logoed number and even earthy as in a tan leather version by Wandler, a new brand from Amsterdam. From dawn squat jumps to nocturnal dance floors, the B bag is no bum deal.

Cherry Blossom Pink


All shades of pink are invading our wardrobes and our homes, including that apricot pink grapefruit shade known as millennial pink. The hue has become shorthand for feisty femininity and it’s the best new colour for day bags. Try Prada’s illustrated frolicking pink bunnies (by artist James Jean) that adorn a double pocket style; Gucci’s Marmont in vibrant fuschia; Marni’s Trunk style in marshmallow or perhaps a Montobello chequer-board design by Bottega Veneta – almost lick-able but that may be taking things too far.

Rainbow Nation


Patchwork, rainbows, tutti-frutti – this is the season to wear your world-loving sentiments across your chest. You will find a whole spectrum of colours in store but one of the firm favourites is Sacai’s patchwork leather “pillow bag”. Pop a little Uniqlo puffa in there, and it would be great for a snooze too.

Best In Buckets


The cavernous throw-it-all-in shape is set to be a style leader this spring. The primitive shape has been souped up to suit our dash-and-go times. Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto are the duo behind LA brand Staud, and its Moreau style caught in string bag gives you a hybrid two-in-one. At Louis Vuitton find the NeoNoe in perky flag colours and at Fendi, the Mon Tresor in sweet milkshake colours. Think of it as companion to that every growing bucket list.






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